Searchable Indices & Databases Available

The Contra Costa County History Center maintains custody of and provides access to a major archival collection documenting the history of the County. Below are listed some of the tables from the History Center currently available online. A database marked "Index" is a simple listing of the table, which you can browse. Those databases marked "Searchable" allow you to enter search criteria to query the table contents dynamically. Further information on these searches can be found on the initial search page of each table.

To see the contents of a database, click on the database name.

Database Name Type Records
Probate Documents Searchable 1,000+
Immigration & Naturalization Papers Searchable 13,000+
Obituaries Searchable 4,000+
West County Times Searchable 26,000+
Maps Searchable 1,700+
List of General Subject Files Index 2,500
List of Subjects by City Index 500

We will be adding to our list of online search databases periodically, so come back here to check our progress!


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